Essay Practice | Day2 比较不同媒体之间的好坏利弊

It’s really difficult to evaluate medias, because in general, a particular kind of media always have its strengths and weaknesses in certain dimensions. In later paragraphs I will give more further comparisons among three exact kinds of media —— books, radio and television.

Books is the kind of media that is nearly most antique . It has a unique feature that every individual, as long as having a ability of writing, can easily write down their feelings. Consequently, book is most widely used in contrast with any kind of media even until today. Many giants choose to pass down their ingenious knowledge by writing a book. However, when it comes to expression efficiency, book seems to be a bit of awkward, as reading is a naturally tough thing.

Then we come to radio. Then invention of radio provides people with another options of getting information. Radio is more portable and convenient compare to books, when people working in the kitchen, they can now listen to the BBC while keep their hands busy. But sound has its inherent limitation of conveying information, it just isn’t such straightforward. For instance, to describe a certain scenery, radio have to use a lot of vocabularies and subtle adjectives, comparing to just show up a picture.

Television is a kind of powerful comprehensive visual media. Taking advantages of combining sound, vision and words, TV provides a brand new experience of receiving information. We can do various things with the help of TV, studying, entertaining and so forth. However it costs a lot to buy a TV. What’s more, it’s unsuitable to search information through TV, as it has no catalogue ,page number and structured konwledge as book like, thus TV more often operate in entertainment scene.

All in all, there is no such kind of thing as all-powerful media at present, every kind of media has its own position. We human should use them depending on the circumstance. Furthermore, media with some many options, does color our lives.