Essay Practice | Day1 有挑战性的工作更让人快乐吗?

There is a debate about whether a challenging work is an entertaining one.In my perspective, it all depends.

A daunting project may stimulate a team with strong staff morale, which makes people fully immerse in the sensation of conquering hurdles step by step. Finally, when they attain the success, the savor of triumph will inspire them into finishing the next item. The progress sounds very inspiring, especially for those who are enterprising. And with all these achievements acquired, pleasure come about correspondingly.

However, the premise is people do overcome the oracles. Once they not, sustaining failure can demolish individual’s confidence very easily. Moreover, the outcome of the project, which in the former assumption, is deemed as welcome. But there is another possibility that people hate what they create, just like the attitude Einstein towards unclear weapon —— He said he would rather not have developed it, or there were be no severe casualties which caused by nuclear bomb dropped by American army. (the example is rather unsuitable)

So whether a work is challenging merely exert as one factor that determines whether the career contains fulfill and happiness. We should take everything into account, to make the ultimate contentment of work.

wrote by QZQ, polished by Barium

This essay not cater for the standard of IELTS, the specific rules is stated below:

Task2: 250+ 40min 2/3

1st 5 paragraphs

2ed word count 300+, preferably 350+ for a 6.5 and 400+ for a 7+

3rd preferred structure:

For paragraph 1, it seems so dull, the suggestion is:

1st preferred structure: hook-transition-points. It seems that a intriguing, coherent and specific beginning is welcome.

2ed Maybe it can be changed to moderate challenges will bring about happiness.

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